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Date: 06/02/23 19:08
Alaska RR--part 3 (misc)
Author: PVSfan

I want to give a summary of other ARR passenger trains I saw on my trip in addition to the
"Denali Star" which I posted in part 2.

1) On one occasion we went into a siding between Talkeetna and Denali, for a "hot" southbound private tour 
train.  It consisted of about 6 bilevel cars different from those McKinley Explorer cars on the rear of our train.
They might have been Princess cars. 

2) Twice I saw the Thurs-Mon "Hurricane Turn" train.  This is the all-stops (flagstop) train serving locals in their
cabins between Talkeetna and Hurricane.  Consist was a F40PH, baggage car, a low-level coach, and a dome car.
Looks like a fun train to ride on a round trip from Talkeetna!  Trip is just over 6 hours long.

3) On two occasions I saw the "Coastal Classic" train between Anchorage and Seward.  If I had not ridden that route
on a R&LHS special in 1982 I would have bought a ticket for sure on this vacation.  Scenery is spectacular!  The consist
of the train laying over in Seward that I saw had more cars than the "Denali Star."

4) I spotted a 5-6 car train sitting at Portage empty of any passengers.  It was probably the "Glacier Discovery" train which covers Anchorage, Girdwood, Whittier, Spencer, and Grandview.

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Date: 06/03/23 08:22
Re: Alaska RR--part 3 (misc)
Author: pennsy3750

PVSfan Wrote:
> 2) Twice I saw the Thurs-Mon "Hurricane Turn"
> train.  This is the all-stops (flagstop) train

I would love to ride this one day, just for the experience.  A high-seniority ARR conductor on the Coastal Classic told me a couple years ago that if I asked, there were pretty good odds the Hurricane Turn crew would do a photo stop somewhere.

Date: 06/04/23 19:49
Re: Alaska RR--part 3 (misc)
Author: rbenko

Here's the Hurricane Turn laying over in Talkeetna back in September 2022

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