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Date: 09/12/23 21:05
Author: PC1974

Left CHI OT on a Tuesday evening... Showing departed on the advertised at 17:55 Central. Seems to be the exception to the rule.

Well not so fast! It was immediately in Service Eruption and finally left Amtrak property over 30 mins late. Now out of slot left DYE over 60 mins late.

But all the padding in the schedule will fix things, again. HA!

Date: 09/13/23 05:05
Re: 50(13)
Author: Chessie1963

Pretty good day when compared to the summer "averages."

Date: 09/13/23 14:15
Re: 50(13)
Author: Tominde

How does 50(13) leave on Tuesday evening?    That is some serious time travel.

Date: 09/13/23 19:35
Re: 50(13)
Author: sethamtrak

What was interesting is that 51 came in Monday and the engines went right out on 3 just a few hours later. Must still be tight on functional motors. 4 came in with a BNSF engine and a P42, seems like both were dropped. 

Date: 09/14/23 06:35
Re: 50(13)
Author: PC1974

For the last 10 Tuesday departures, Amtrak is showing 3 out on-time. If you take out this week's lie, that leaves you with two OT.. 2/10 is 20 percent Initial Terminal Departure, cr_p by any railroaders standards..

Train does MUCH BETTER when it's now allowed to dwell in CHI yards. Imagine that!

Date: 09/14/23 11:33
Re: 50(13)
Author: Englewood

PC1974 Wrote:
> Train does MUCH BETTER when it's now allowed to
> dwell in CHI yards. Imagine that!

So what's your point (sarcasm)

Everybody knows that 14th St. is infested with poltergeists.
They attack trains left standing overnight and do all kinds of damage.
Sometimes they take human form and appear as sleeping carmen.
Could there be any other explantion (with the exception of Leprechauns) ?

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