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Date: 09/14/23 08:36
Author: filmteknik

Can anyone confirm if Amtrak 301 is still sitting in the yard in Philly? No reports on the tracking site in a month. Of course it could be working every day and no one reported it. Thought I’d ask to see if anyone had eyes-on.

It ran a good while on the City of New Orleans, then they put it on the Builder (breaking down on the first WB) for a long stint, then back to CONO for a couple of rounds, a few turns on the Cap Ltd, then something about test trains, Philly to NJ.

Date: 09/14/23 08:40
Re: 301
Author: cr2581

It's in Wilmington for cab signal mods.

Date: 09/14/23 11:33
Re: 301
Author: ronald321

What is Amtrak 301? -- I assume a locomotive, right?

Date: 09/14/23 12:54
Re: 301
Author: filmteknik

Yes, it’s the Day One heritage unit.

Date: 09/19/23 20:20
Re: 301
Author: filmteknik

301 is on 29 (19), the WB Capitol Limited.

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