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Passenger Trains > Major NEC signal outage

Date: 09/16/23 08:17
Major NEC signal outage
Author: GenePoon

MARC is advising of a major Amtrak signal and switch failure between Washington and Bowie State University stations. MARC has suspended all service on the Penn Line indefinitely.

Amtrak is only advising of delays due to an "infrastructure issue."

Date: 09/16/23 08:19
Re: Major NEC signal outage
Author: engineerinvirginia

Software problem.....or hacking by foreign interests to see how they can mess things up. In the end...it's not going to be what can they mess up...it's how quick can we reboot everything?!

Date: 09/16/23 17:11
Re: Major NEC signal outage
Author: abyler

I believe there is also a major signal cutover in the Washington area this weekend.

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