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Passenger Trains > Action at Edison today

Date: 09/17/23 19:21
Action at Edison today
Author: thebluecomet

Edison, NJ is located along the NEC just north of New Brunswick.  The town was renamed after Thomas Edison in 1954 with the prior name of Raritan Township.  While it is a local stop for NJT, Amtrak trains simply zip on through at a modest 80-90 mph.  The track orientation is roughly northeast/southwest making the eastbound platform better for most of the day.

1.  637 leading an almost on time train 98 en route to New York.

2.  2014 on Acela train 2250.

3.  One of NJT's newest dual mode units, 4559 on a Trenton to New York local.

Date: 09/17/23 19:25
Re: Action at Edison today
Author: thebluecomet

4.  A short distance north of the station is a full signal bridge, making a nice prop.  4649 is headed for Trenton.

5.  635 leads train 91 bound for Florida.

6. Over on the westbound platform one can get a rare low angle shot thanks to the stairs leading up from the street below.

Date: 09/17/23 19:29
Re: Action at Edison today
Author: thebluecomet

7.  A few views from the westbound platform

8.  Meets are very common almost anywhere on the corridor.

9.  The regular NJT Meadows to Morrisville shop train rushes past a New York bound Keystone Service train.  The shop train with GP40 4303 was in notch 8 and moving.

Date: 09/17/23 19:33
Re: Action at Edison today
Author: thebluecomet

A few more.  The young man in his Norfolk Southern safety vest was very serious about his hobby.  May he have many more years to go.  I count this year as my 50th in the hobby and I'm still out there as much as the wife permits.  Wink, wink.

Date: 09/17/23 23:17
Re: Action at Edison today
Author: Mgoldman

Nice set - I gotta get back out that way!

As for those all too common meets - it seems typical for an NJT train running cab car first to precede and block, or perhaps photobomb the harder and harder to get Acela! I actually caught 2 Acelas Sunday morning while the sky was blue but they appeared on the outside track through Croydon which was not ideal.


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Date: 09/18/23 03:41
Re: Action at Edison today
Author: cutboy1958

Good    stuff  as  usual. Those  8  car  450  seat  regional  trains  are  serious  transportation.

Date: 09/18/23 04:40
Re: Action at Edison today
Author: thebluecomet

More importantly, those 450 seats are 90%+ occupied with paying customers.  I heard the Keystone Service trains were/are offering $10 fares between Philly and NYC and they are running almost SRO. 

Funny you mentioned the meet dilemma, yesterday a NJT engineer noticed me watching an approaching Amtrak train and he departed the station in a big hurry allowing my shot.  Thanks guy!

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