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Date: 09/18/23 18:48
Amtrak 11-18 delayed by crossing hit
Author: ST2K

Amtrak 11-18 hit an empty trailer just North of the Alford  sideing approx MP670 on the Brooklyn sub (Oregon) a couple of hours ago. Small damage to the lead unit. No injuries reported on the train or on the ground. The crew is being releived then the train will continue South. This all got further complicated by a non clearing train stopped in In Swain to inspect a suspect car. which held amtrack 508 in Eugene for a couple of hours.

Date: 09/19/23 12:21
Re: Amtrak 11-18 delayed by crossing hit
Author: PC1974


I guess we need some improvements based on the link... HA!

Date: 09/19/23 16:00
Re: Amtrak 11-18 delayed by crossing hit
Author: logger55

I witnessed that crossing accident. It was a piece of farm equipment that was crossing the tracks and did not get cleared as the tractor looks like it had to wait to go across Highway 99 locomotive didn’t have any real damage but the piece of farm equipment it was the tail end of a string of equipment was scattered all over. talked with a fire chief, and he had walked the entire train and fortunately nobody was injured. I imagine the tractor driver probably had to clean the seat of his tractor out.

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