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Date: 10/01/23 22:23
306(1) - Two Private Cars
Author: sethamtrak

Hollywood Beach and Royal Street arriving into Chicago on train 306 ahead of a private charter. As I understand it, the cars will head out on train 3 Tuesday afternoon. 

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Date: 10/01/23 22:45
Re: 306(1) - Two Private Cars
Author: Notch7

Thanks for posting the most excellent video.  As a Seaboard Coast Line and Southern Railway passenger fireman, it was a dream to see a Crescent "Royal" observation trailing a Silver Meteor "Sun Lounge".  I thought back to long ago Carolina nights when I saw, rode, or worked both trains.  I nice to finally see the green Crescent tail sign glowing in the night.

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Date: 10/01/23 23:14
Re: 306(1) - Two Private Cars
Author: mp51w

That is a nice car combo!

Date: 10/02/23 06:40
Re: 306(1) - Two Private Cars
Author: TractiveEffort

Nice cars - they are clearly good for at least 110MPH, although the extra weight probably did affect acceleration somewhat.

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Date: 10/02/23 08:13
Re: 306(1) - Two Private Cars
Author: Trainatic

Yes, these cars our for our annual History Train that Tour group planners does every year. We will be on Train #3 on Tuesday to head to Albuquerque for the week. We will be also taking in the balloon Fiesta while we're there. We have many days of sightseeing planned, including going to Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Belen.

Let me know if your interested in riding next year on our trip. We will be going Eastward and will have a sleeper car also. All those great meals on board and beverages and the wonderful sightseeing.


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