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Date: 02/18/24 11:15
"Adirondack's Cabin Fever Limited"
Author: ut-1

Adirondack Railroad ran a Cabin Fever Limited special between Utica-Remsen-Utica NY (42 miles roundtrip) on February 17th. In Remsen, passengers detrained for approximately one hour to enjoy hot chocolate and make s'mores near a bonfire. Each passenger also received a complimentary mug. The train left Utica at 11am exactly on the advertised and returned at 2pm. The video opens on Remsen Hill and following scenes are at the Depot and a waterfall along Remsen's Cincinatti Creek. I saw an otter (or a mink, couldn't be sure which) running along a short ice shelf on the other side of the creek; couldn't catch him on video, unfortunately, as some bushes prevented a clear shot. Bushes or not, he saw me (I was about 50 feet away) and stopped dead in his tracks. I then heard the train horn and remembered my primary purpose for being along the creek!

The engine, No. 3573, was aquired by Adirondack in 2021. It was built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1977 (M420W).

A longer version of this video appears on my YouTube channel, Railroading Rambler, under the title, When Winter Comes.

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Date: 02/18/24 13:02
Re: "Adirondack's Cabin Fever Limited"
Author: Pattenburg

Very nice video.

Date: 02/18/24 14:49
Re: "Adirondack's Cabin Fever Limited"
Author: pt199

Beautiful winter scene and train ride!

Date: 02/18/24 15:15
Re: "Adirondack's Cabin Fever Limited"
Author: jp1822

Looks awesome!

Date: 02/18/24 15:34
Re: "Adirondack's Cabin Fever Limited"
Author: train1275

Great job John !!!

Date: 02/19/24 08:14
Re: "Adirondack's Cabin Fever Limited"
Author: WM_1109

Superb video, John.
Tell me again...just who had the cabin fever?

Date: 02/19/24 08:33
Re: "Adirondack's Cabin Fever Limited"
Author: FiveChime

Very nice sounding Nathan P3 horn.
Regards, Jim Evans

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