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Date: 03/25/24 09:55
Zoom Zoom
Author: thebluecomet

Spent Sunday afternoon at two stops along the NEC, Rahway and Linden NJ. I was at both some time ago in the morning, but wanted to try shooting with the afternoon light.  Since the corridor is oriented in a northeast-southwest alignment, it is best to wait until after 3-4pm to get the better light.  Here are some random shots from the day.

Rahway NJ.  The station platforms are along track A going eastbound (to NYC) and an island platform covers tracks 4 and B.  Just south(west) of the station is Union interlocking.  This covers all the crossovers and the connection to the North Jersey Coast Line.  An old, long gone island platform once sat between tracks 2 and 3 as can be seen in the photos.

1.  Sprinter 613 leads a train headed for New York on track 2.  Note the complex trackwork here.  The NJCL comes up on the outside left to track A and 1, a center tunnel visible in the pic drops down connecting the inner tracks and another ramp track drops down on the outside right for tracks 4 and B.  Union tower still stands guard, although unmanned. Beyond Union the tracks go back down to 4.

2.  A Washington bound Acela on track 3.

3. A NJ Transit local to Long Branch on track B.  The dogwoods are in full bloom.


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Date: 03/25/24 10:01
Re: Zoom Zoom
Author: thebluecomet

4.  Another NJT local also on track B looking toward the downtown section of Rahway.

5.  Moving a few miles north to Linden.  Here a eastbound Keystone Service train passes the huge Merck Pharmaceutical plant.  Note the name on the older brick stack.

6. Train 42 is almost blocked by a NJT local (a frequent occurrence).  The hoppers visible on the left are in what once was the yard for the General Motors plant at Linden.  They once built the Chevy S-10 pick-ups there.  I had one and wish I still had it.

Date: 03/25/24 10:09
Re: Zoom Zoom
Author: thebluecomet

7.  Looking north toward the city of Elizabeth finds 635 leading a westbound Keystone train.  Visible in the distance are the long steel beam holding the approach signals for Elmora Interlocking.  This is where the 6 tracks narrow down to 4.  The truss bridge just beyond once carried the Staten Island Rapid Transit freight connection.  This line was once owned and operated by the B&O.

8.  Acela 2025 does the same.  The tall building in the distance is the City of Elizabeth City Hall.

9.  During the middle of the day NJT runs two trains per hour to Trenton.  One makes all local stops and the other skips North Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Linden and Rahway.  These trains usually stay on track 4 heading west as seen here.  FWIW, the numbering of tracks through here are from left to right, B-4-3-2-1-A.  A Pennsy tradition that carries on to this day.

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Date: 03/25/24 10:14
Re: Zoom Zoom
Author: thebluecomet

10.  One of the new Amtrak trains that make the quick turnback at New York and Washington.  The ACE's at each end make this an easy task.  The veterans unit, 642, brings up the rear.

11.  Another Trenton semi-express behind a dual-mode.

12.  This is a North Jersey Coast Line train and is on track B and making the stop.  

Date: 03/25/24 15:36
Re: Zoom Zoom
Author: King_Coal

Another nice series. NEC hardly looks flat in a few of these views. I like how you incorporated the NCL fly-under at Rahway.

Date: 03/25/24 20:08
Re: Zoom Zoom
Author: BigSkyBlue

Very good photos, and a very impressive physical plant.  Good looking railroad.  BSB

Date: 03/26/24 16:15
Re: Zoom Zoom
Author: atsf121

I like #3 with the blossoms in the background.  Fun series all around.


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