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Passenger Trains > A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station

Date: 04/16/24 16:58
A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station
Author: Pattenburg

   Always wanted to get a photograph of the Far Hills (NJ) NJT station and today was that day! I was in the area running some errands and decided to stop in for a coffee. Inside there are B/W photos of railroading from the past, a nice touch to show the history associated with this station. This day also allowed me to get a photo of a meet between NJT’s trains 413 and 420, seen in the background.    
   According to what is on the Internet, this Renaissance Revival-style structure, with a central eyelid dormer and Spanish-tile hipped roof, was constructed in 1914. The walls are made of poured concrete. The walls and chimneys have green glazed tile plaques that match the roof tile. The ticket counter and water fountain are made of marble, while the waiting room has a terrazzo floor with a tile border and wainscoting made of glazed brick.  The station was designed by L.R. Simpson, an in-house architect with the DL&W Railroad. All in all, a good day!


Date: 04/16/24 18:01
Re: A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station
Author: POW

Did you not take photos of the station? Your description of the station was quite interesting.

Date: 04/16/24 18:02
Re: A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station
Author: pdt

Hard to believe, but up till the 1980's, this was all timetable and train order APB signalling with hand throw switches and wood catenary poles.  Scheduled meets were indicated  in the timetable with BOLD type.   There was as much, of not more passenger service then as there is now,.

Date: 04/16/24 19:59
Re: A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station
Author: rrcaboose

There was also a freight house west of the station (to the left-westbound) that recreated the masonry look of the passenger station.
Far Hills had the last passing siding before arriving at Gladstone (Happy Rock).

Went into the 'clear' one day on P&D freight with a bay window caboose instead of the regular 'dunmore' style caboose. Put a freight house level 'crease' in the bay window because it did not clear the raised platform.. A quick trip to the hardware store after arriving at Gladstone for a can of Rustoleum red took care of that big paint chip.

rr caboose

Date: 04/17/24 02:46
Re: A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station
Author: DNRY122

When I rode this line back in 1977. I was amazed at the wooden-pole overhead support and the hand-thrown switches.  About the nearest thing to the ancient times of interurban electric railways other than the South Shore by then.

Date: 04/17/24 05:45
Re: A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station
Author: Lackawanna484

Nice description, thank you.

Far Hills, Convent Station, Short Hills, and Morris Plains are very similar in appearance.

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A picture of a meet from 12 years ago


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Date: 04/17/24 07:51
Re: A meet at NJT's Far Hills (NJ) station
Author: thebluecomet

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