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Date: 04/16/24 17:56
Author: sethamtrak

As of 3:06 PM CT, Trains 7 and 27 are currently delayed departing Chicago (CHI) due to the late arrival of inbound equipment. A delay of up to 45 minutes is estimated. Updates to follow as more information becomes available.

Turned out to be just shy of 3 hours late leaving Chicago. And it was actually "unforeseen mechanical issues" that was the cause. They used the wrong line. 8 was only 30 minutes late into Chicago yesterday. Looking Good in Glenview with the Caritas, Lucky and Stanley on their last leg home to the Twin Cities. 

Date: 04/16/24 20:28
Re: 7(16)
Author: oyw

I think that is a beautifully lit shot!

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