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Passenger Trains > Auto Train Report, Apr. 17 - 18 '24, Sanford -> Lorton

Date: 04/19/24 12:13
Auto Train Report, Apr. 17 - 18 '24, Sanford -> Lorton
Author: pbrasky

My wife and I took the AT north on April 17 and were large, but not entirely pleased with the trip.  Even though the S'bound AT was late arriving in Sanford on the 17th, we managed an early departure @4:48PM.  Unfortunately, we lost enough time during the night to delay our arrival into Lorton by an hour and seventeen minutes.  The ride was quite pleasant, but there are several areas of rough track between northern Georgia and Florence, S.Carolina (recrew, refuel, resupply).  Although the train caters to seniors, it really isn't design for them.  To wit, the tiny, airline type toilets, and twisty, narrow staircases in the sleepers.  Btw, Amtrak could do better with the meals as well, especially breakfast choices (the coffee is even worse than the kind you can brew in a hotel room!).  On time performance is a crap shoot with the Auto Train, but it beats driving on I 95 (Don't ask....!).

I've included two pics, one of the borrowed Sunrail "road switcher" and the other of three P 42's idling away.  Two of the latter would be coupled to the N'bound train on April 17.  

Date: 04/19/24 13:17
Re: Auto Train Report, Apr. 17 - 18 '24, Sanford -> Lorton
Author: amtrakbill

I believe the Sunrail locomotive is there because Amtrak maintains them in Sanford for Sunrail

Thanks for your report. I have reservations for a trip in July and will report my experience as well

Thanks Bill

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Date: 04/19/24 13:26
Re: Auto Train Report, Apr. 17 - 18 '24, Sanford -> Lorton
Author: Lackawanna484

Thanks for the report. I'm glad it was OK.

My brother in law is seriously mobility impaired, but Amtrak has done OK by him over the years.

No way he could manage the steps, or moving car to car, but the downstairs bedroom and a good car attendant ($20 in advance) makes all the difference.

Meals are delivered, bags are set outside the train, and they try to get the first cars off deal.

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