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Date: 04/19/24 16:40
It's 2024, And Here Come the SEPTA Heritage MU's
Author: PC1073

SEPTA is our local transportation agency in Philadelphia,and the surrounding areas.  Apparently
it's their 50th anniversary, and they're doing a little something.  Four MU's are being dated back
to the old days.  The first one out is the Reading, with Penn Central, Conrail and PRR to follow.
Here's the Reading on it's maiden trip leading, ironically on Pennsy territory, an St. Davids Station, 
on a cool overcast day.

Enjoy traveling back a bit, and have a great weekend.

John R

Date: 04/19/24 18:50
Re: It's 2024, And Here Come the SEPTA Heritage MU's
Author: boejoe

Great shot John.  I know that station well.  I particularly remember seeing a passenger waiting for an inbound train who was wearing a T shirt whose message read: Everybody is normal - 
until you get to know them!

Date: 04/20/24 09:05
Re: It's 2024, And Here Come the SEPTA Heritage MU's
Author: CPMorris

JOHN R -  Actually, it's the 50th anniverary of the Silverliner IV's.
SEPTA bought them in 1974 when Penn Central and Reading still existed.
SEPTA itself dates back to 1963 and SEPTA assumed operation of
commuter rail ("Regional Rail") in 1983, after Conrail.  Anyway,
great photo and thank you for sharing!

Date: 04/21/24 10:42
Re: It's 2024, And Here Come the SEPTA Heritage MU's
Author: Steinzeit2

The 280 was a good and intentional choice by SEPTA:  It was originally RDG 9018, the 'first' car in the order;  it was used for a ceremonial display, but temporarily branded as a PC unit, so there was a [ 2nd ] PC 9018 for a short while.

Some other RDG S.IV trivia:
-  When they were delivered the RDG order had the new style autocouplers on one end only;  the other end had couplers and connections compatible with the Reading's existing Silvers for more compatibility.  The thinking was they would initially run as pairs, coupled at the 'new style' ends.

-  Some -- I don't think it was all -- of the Reading cars were equipped for dual voltage in anticipation of the 25 kV Fox Chase electrification extension which never happened;  they could readily be identified by the large box for the vacuum interrupter on the roof.  Changeover between voltages was to be hands off, triggered by track circuits akin to cab signals around the changeover point.

Ah, memories....    SZ

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