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Passenger Trains > No. 91(19) Kickin’ It Up

Date: 04/20/24 15:07
No. 91(19) Kickin’ It Up
Author: bmarti7

After a nice lunch with friends north of Tampa I was meandering back south but nothing on the scanner until I heard the CSX DS giving a warrant to the Star at TPA. There was no time to get to Ybor City so I found this crossing east. Facing west was a total no as the high sun washed out everything. So I turned around to face east so I could get a going-away video from my dashcam. It's the dry season in Florida and the video shows the train kicking up the dust. What you don't see is a pedestrian that went aound the gates, earphones blasting enough not to hear the whistle. No time for the engineer to do anything. As her blood is not splattered on my car - evidence she made it. Not a great video but something is better than nothing.


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Date: 04/21/24 07:35
Re: No. 91(19) Kickin’ It Up
Author: amtrakbill

Great video - thanks for the time to make it right.

This has me wondering about the logic of routing the Florida trains to Tampa then back again many miles to take the sourthern connection to Miami.  Isn't there enough traffic to terminate one of the Florida trains at Tampa a-la the Champion and the other to Miami?  Both would serve Orlando which seems to be necessary for both trains.  No one in their right mind would take Amtrak from Northern FL to South Florida as Amtrak is serveral hours slower than driving taking this route.


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