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Date: 12/17/03 23:57
Metrolink to Lease Equipment
Author: David.Curlee

Rumor has it that Metrolink intends to lease Sounder Transit bi-level commuter cars during the first half of 2004. Negotiations are supposedly in progress. How many cars and for what duration is unknown to me. Mundo, or anyone else, what have you heard?

Date: 12/18/03 11:29
Re: Metrolink to Lease Equipment
Author: Macster

From what I understand, that the VRE trainset will go direct to Metrolink, not sure if this is totally true or not, but guess we will see in the summer....

Date: 12/18/03 14:20
Re: Metrolink to Lease Equipment
Author: Sal

Would there be any compatability issues with these cars and Metrolink cars or are they the same type with different paint schemes? I remember the GO cars looked the same but did'nt jive with Metrolink cars.

Sal Garcia
Pico Rivera, California

Date: 12/18/03 14:49
GO vs. Link
Author: coachyard

Sal Wrote:
> I remember the GO cars looked the same
> but didn't jive with Metrolink cars.

There was something electrically incompatible, maybe 550 volt vs. 650 volt systems on the cars themselves.

Date: 12/18/03 18:00
Re: GO vs. Link
Author: TopcoatSmith

Amtk, Metrolink and most others use 480 volt electricals. GO uses 5XX (can't remember the number) electrical. That's why the Go equipment used down here after the Northridge quake had HEP units.

TCS - sounder seasickness paint scheme .... yay.

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