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Date: 06/10/05 03:00
Return of the Acela
Author: eyeswideopen

The New York Times article cited in the thread titled "Once again labor costs dog AMTRAK" also mentions that the cause of the Acela disk failure is now understood, a "previously unknown phenomenon [now] called bending out of plane", and a "simple solution" will help return the trains to serrvice.

Excerpted from the Boston Globe is the following additional info on return to service.

....."[AMTRAK spokesperson R. Clifford] Black said a possible scenario is that up to four of the 20 Acela trains could be outfitted with the new brakes and start runs between Boston, New York, and Washington on a limited schedule by next month.

"All 20 Acela trains likely won't be back in service until the fall, Black said."

Date: 06/12/05 00:09
Re: Return of the Acela
Author: Castle_Romeo

The problem with the ACELA trainsets was the brake rotors. Now my question is, do the HHP8's have similar problems or are they a different design?

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