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Date: 08/27/07 08:18
2007 Oak Ridge, TN Horn Honk Info
Author: MakeChooChooGoNow

The dates for the fifth annual Oak Ridge horn meet will be Friday, September 28 and Saturday September 29, 2007 from 8:30 am until dark.

After locomotive and vehicle runbys are completed on each day, we will load up the train as we have done in the past and make a run to the NS connection at Blair and back. Cost for the two-day event will be $30.00 per person, this cost is for those wishing to have horns mounted on the locomotives for runbys, or for those wishing to do vehicle runbys. Proceeds go to the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum, and helps to cover items such as locomotive fuel, among others.

There is no charge to simply attend.

As in the past, we will do everything possible to get three locomotive runbys in for each person wishing to participate. If you only have one horn, then you may mount your horn on the loco 3 times if you wish. However, let us know if you have repeat horns so that we can let those doing recordings know about it. We will auction off (by the highest donation) the right to have your horn mounted on the runs out to Blair and back, with one horn being used each way, unless of course you bid highest more than once. The bid will be closed auction type - that is, those wishing to do this will drop a bid in a box to be opened just before the run.

There will be a minimum bid. The two high bidders each day will get to have their horns mounted - one out to Blair and the other on the return trip. As always, the Blair runs are open to everyone to ride.

The horn blow site will again be at Burchfield Rd and TN Hwy 58, near Oak Ridge TN and right next to the historic old K-25 World War II nuclear site, the home of the atomic bomb. Since we will be on U.S. Government property, no alcoholic beverages or firearms are allowed. Also, since Friday is a work day for offices located at K-25, vehicle runbys MUST be held to Connector Road, adjacent to the railroad. On Saturdays, this whole area is popular with bicyclists and we must be respectful of them since this is a public road of sorts. Please don't blow their heads off doing vehicle runbys.

Now for the motel info. I have listed below several motels in Oak Ridge to suit a variety of budgets. Oak Ridge has a number of chain and local restuarants, as well as grocery stores, WalMart, K Mart, etc. The most popular motel in the past has been the Day's Inn on Illinois Ave. There is a Shoney's restaurant right next door which opens early for breakfast and stays open late Friday and Saturday for supper. Nearby is everything from Arby's to Red Lobster, Applebees, McDonalds, Ruby Tuesday, etc.

There has been interest expressed by some about returning to Big Ed's Pizza Thursday night. I would suggest anyone wanting to do this meet at the Day's Inn parking lot at 815 pm or at Big Ed's at 830 pm.

Big Ed's is located off Hwy 95 at traffic light #2. To get there from the Illinois Ave motels, turn right (north) onto Hwy 95 (going further into town) and go to traffic light #2 (not the second light - it's light # 2 - signals are numbered thru town). Turn left at light #2 (Georgia Ave) and go two blocks).

Charlie and I will be out at the horn blow site in the afternoon and early evening Thursday for anyone wishing to meet there for a little informal get-together. We will bring a couple of engines down for some static blows if anyone needs to do a little "tune-up."


Econo Lodge
1590 Oak Ridge Turnpike

Super 8
1590 Oak Ridge Turnpike

Super 8 and Econo Lodge are right next door to each other.

Days Inn
206 S. Illinois Ave

Double Tree Hotel
215 S. Illinois Ave

Hampton Inn
208 S. Illinois Ave

Comfort Inn
433 S Rutgers Ave at S Illinois Ave

Also nearby Harriman TN exit 347 off I-40) has lots of motels and restaurants, as well as the Norfolk Southern RR Cincinnati-Atlanta (CNO&TP) mainline running thru town with about 40 trains a day. You can get a room overlooking the main line at a couple of the motels, including the Super 8.

To get to Oak Ridge motel area from I-75:

Take exit 322, the Clinton-Norris exit, which is Tenn 61. Follow TN 61 West thru Clinton. As you near Oak Ridge, follow TN 95 South on in to Oak Ridge (no turns - TN 61 West will go right into TN 95 South). Continue on 95 South (also will be known as Oak Ridge Turnpike) to traffic light number 12, which is S. Illinois Ave. Turn left (highway east) onto TN 62. The motels are all located in this area.

From I-40:

Exit 356, Oak Ridge exit, TN Hwy 58. Follow signs to Oak Ridge. TN 58 will eventually run into TN 95. Continue on TN 95 North into Oak Ridge. Turn right (highway east) onto TN 62, which is S. Illinois Ave (traffic light #12).

If you are westbound on I-40 coming thru Knoxville, you can also get off at exit 376, following signs for TN 162 North to Oak Ridge. 162 North becomes TN 62 north, also known as Illinois Ave when you get into Oak Ridge. This will take you right to the motels.

The horn honk site is at Tenn 58 and Burchfield Rd. From the motels go west on TN 62 (Illinois Ave) to TN 95 (Oak Ridge Turnpike). Follow TN 95 South until it becomes TN 58 (no turns - just keep going straight). When you pass the old K25 plant, Burchfield Rd will be just a short distance on the right. You will see the railroad. We will meet at Burchfield Rd and the RR Xing. Or from I-40, take TN 58 (exit 356) toward Oak Ridge then it's just a little under 6 miles to Burchfield Rd.

Thanks and hope to see you in September at Oak Ridge.

Date: 09/07/07 15:11
Re: 2007 Oak Ridge, TN Horn Honk Info
Author: P5r24


Is there a fee to ride the Blair run trains?

Thanks and hope to meet you out at the site,

Gary in Simi Valley Ca.

AK P5r24

Date: 09/07/07 23:02
Re: 2007 Oak Ridge, TN Horn Honk Info
Author: MakeChooChooGoNow

Nice to see somebody interested in the Oak Ridge honk. As far as I'm aware, they do not charge people to simply ride the Blair trains.

The $30 fee (covers Friday AND Saturday) is only for persons who have horn(s) they want mounted on the locomotives for runbys. Usually, attendance at the event is about 40-50 people.

Now, as for the K5HL used on GEVO locomotives -- they use bells 1L, 1, 2, 3, and 4

Follow the link to learn more:


See you at Oak Ridge


Date: 09/10/07 11:57
Re: 2007 Oak Ridge, TN Horn Honk Info
Author: MakeChooChooGoNow

You may also find my web ring to be most informative:


Date: 09/16/07 09:53
Re: 2007 Oak Ridge, TN Horn Honk Info
Author: MakeChooChooGoNow

Less than two weeks left until Oak Ridge. Those of you who plan on attending -- be sure to bring hearing protection as this will be louder and more powerful than any rock concert. And while there is no cost to simply attend the event, donations to the museum are appreciated.

Date: 09/16/07 14:10
Re: 2007 Oak Ridge, TN Horn Honk Info
Author: MakeChooChooGoNow

Come ride the Copperhill Special on Sunday, September 30, 2007.

Trains depart the Etowah, Tennessee station at 9:30 AM and traverse the famed Hiwassee Loop through the scenic Hiwassee River Gorge for a 94-mile round trip.

Etowah is a 1 hr, 20 min drive from Oak Ridge. Tickets are $65 per person. This is an all day event, with the train arriving back in Etowah at 5:40 PM. There will be a layover at Copperhill where riders can eat lunch.

More information and driving directions can be found at:


You can count on me being there!

Date: 09/19/07 02:46
Re: 2007 Oak Ridge, TN Horn Honk Info
Author: loco4501

Did it back in July and it was a SUPER trip. Highly recommended. Don't miss it, because it may not be around forever.

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