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Date: 09/27/07 00:13
Fostoria, Ohio Railfan park
Author: OARC

Fostoria has received a grant of $815,000 for development of a 4.5 acre track of land.
Located in the middle of what is know as the Iron Triangle. You can see the area map on line for the new Railfan park. The url is fostoriairontriangle.com The design of the park is simple and not a lot of obstructions for photo locations. It should be nice for all of us rail fans.

Date: 09/28/07 07:20
Re: Fostoria, Ohio Railfan park
Author: trainmaster3

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Photography wise, it appears that there will be only a couple "improved views" that the park will provide, but with the B&O bordering the south edge of the park, sun angles will be unfavorable most of the year. I think most hard core photogs will continue to bounce around, I suppose that is to be expected, and granted the park will still serve as a gathering point. Has there been any statement as to nighttime use as yet(that could be a big can of worms)? Any word on how tall the viewing platform will be? I also noted in the diagram an ampitheater, what's up with that? No mention of it on the website, and as near as I could gather there were only about 20 or 30 parking spaces on the lot, with a larger parking area in a "grayed out" area of the map, is this future expansion? Another comment I recall was that there would not be much or any emphasis on tree planting as to not obscure viewing trains, or in other words no shade on a hot day. Don't get me wrong, I think this is all going to be hugely successful, but even the press articles allude that there is much planning yet to be done.

Date: 09/28/07 11:01
Re: Fostoria, Ohio Railfan park
Author: OARC

I have not been to Fostoria to see first hand the development of the property. I suspect many plans are in the works and the thinking of those behind the project. One can only guess by the map and posted plans what would be achieved. Timetable of completion is not set in stone. Measurements of are part of the design and would have to look at the blueprints to gain that knowledge. I will see first hand this Saturday, 9/29 as a visit to the site is on my agenda. I have been going to Fostoria for over 27 years. Its a 45 minute drive from my home. Overall, I am pleased to see this kind of development take place. Our railfans deserve a safe, clean, and covered place to visit Besides, I don't PLAN to be confined to one area for Photos. Most of us move around anyways. The Chamber of Commerce knows this in their economic development. Another nice park close by is Deshler
OARC :>)

Date: 09/30/07 12:47
Re: Fostoria, Ohio Railfan park
Author: OARC

Visited Fostoria as planned on 9/29/07. Underway is the gutting of the interior building of its electrical, metal and other related value items. Demo of the brick building is scheduled later in the year. Learned that in order to receive the grant. The Rail park development folks must raise another $200,000 of the total $1,ooo,ooo.oo million dollars needed to do the park. Slated to be completed in the year 2010. There is plenty of parking spaces around the rail triangle to view trains. It was very busy on both C S X AND NS that day. F tower is off limits but listen to 160.230 mhz to hear the action. OARC :>)

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