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Date: 10/28/07 17:03
Last call for fall foliage...
Author: Pattenburg

as Saturday's wind and rain washed out what autumn leaves remained along the Lehigh Line in Manville (NJ) on Sunday morning. There were enough trains passing by my location though to not ponder the question of what happened with this year's colorful foliage. In time sequence, those trains were as follows:
8:25 NS 212- had NS 2581 (SD70M) and two C40-9Ws, NS 9310 and NS 9330, as power.
9:05 NS 64J- had PRR 8438 (C40-8W, ex-CR 6262) as its leader followed by NS 9277 (C40-9W). I noticed that on this train there were the shorter COFCs mixed in with the waste containers. Are those for hauling waste also since this was something I haven't noticed in the past. Previous 64J were solid trains of the blue waste containers.
9:28 CSX K706- more garbage as FURX 3049 (SD40-2, ex-SOU 3245) was sole power on this trash train.
9:41 NS 18G- this mixed freight would have NS 9662 (C40-9W) and NS 9419 (C40-9W) for power.
9:45 MA2- with PRR 3048 (GP40-2) heads east on the main. It would return at 10:45 with seven tank cars.
11:03 CSX Q300- with CSX 5228 (ES44DC), CSX 597 and CSX ???? for its power. Coming off the Trenton Line, because of all the orange cars near the front, my first thought was this was the juice train. Imagine my disappointment when I saw they were the orange municipal waste containers. My 'ol eyes are just not as sharp as they once were.
Just as a reminder that daylight savings time will end next Sunday (November 4th) at 2 AM. That is another sign that this fall is fading fast...

Date: 10/29/07 11:30
Re: Last call for fall foliage...
Author: OCtrainguy

Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a very cool fall morning. On Thursday and Friday, the Q300/Q301 had an ex-Conrail SD80MAC on it. Too bad it didn't hang around for the weekend.

Date: 10/29/07 18:07
Re: Last call for fall foliage...
Author: Pattenburg

yeah, so I heard since that was what I was hoping for.

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