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Date: 05/19/03 14:20
CSX KD Subdivision Action--May 3rd
Author: robby

CSX KD Subdivision Action May 3, 2003

Weather was hit and miss for sunny shots but I ventured south out of Corbin at the break of dawn anyway. All pictures are with a Canon 10D using Canon glass.

First stop was at the north end of Savoy Passing Siding near Williamsburg, Ky where I caught NB Q210-01 led by a single GE 7720 in a misty morning fog. The location here is the small yard CSX uses for the Pine Mountain East Branch to Gatliff Coal.

On south to Morley, TN where I captured NB N182-28 led by CSX 437 trailing mty hoppers. The train is rolling out of Hickory Creek Tunnel 1, crossing Hickory Creek and passing through a deep cut.

N266 is in the siding at Chaska waiting on the helpers to couple up so I hurry up to the crossovers at Oaks near Habersham, TN to catch the action. CSX 421 was just throttling up..

With the sun now playing hide and seek, I tried for another shot of the Stilesboro-bound train at Lake City but the clouds had plans for me.

Explored up the NS coal branch along Coal Creek and photoed several old loaders then ran back to Lake City to catch two. NB Q544 led by 7806 rolls over the Coal Creek Trestle.

Soon after, SB Q539 makes a visit to Lake City with Conrail 8652 up front.

Looking for brighter sky, I headed down to the passing siding at Granite for a meet.
First up is SB Q245 with 7749 up front easing up to the SE signals and laying off Blowing Springs Road Crossing.

After a quick 15 minute wait, NB Q548 blows by on the main led by 7739.

Headed down south of the switch at South Granite to capture a nice shot of Q245 laying down sand as he tried to get 65 autoracks back up to track speed.

Scanner has Q544 meeting one at Kilsyth so I roll back north 20 miles and get rewarded with a meet near the south end of the long passing siding.

Dispatcher tells him he’ll be in the hole for yet another coal train so I first hit Layfollette to snag N258 rolling through town with CSX 474 leading.

Who was quickly followed by N141-01 captured crossing the trestle over Big Creek with CSX 5109 sporting Dark Future paint in some nice afternoon sun.

And again back at Lafollette where the sun dips behind a cloud again.

Rolling north toward Corbin, the radio has Q544 meeting Q541 at Saxton so I hurried to Highcliff to snag FURX 3046 working south with a merchandise train.

Back at Corbin, Q215-03 is just arriving off the KY Sub and is caught at Center Street just outside the Yard.

Q211-03 get permission to depart south so it’s back down the KD to Woodbine for a great evening sun picture of 7859 running hard into the setting sun.

Heading back to Georgetown on Sunday morning, I make three good catches along the way. W073 is seen arriving at Corbin with C30-7’s 7055-7053 in the mist.

Q541-04 is snagged twice working up Richmond Hill without a helper. Once at Redhouse

And again at Cox with CSX 415 in the lead.

Last train of the morning ended up being a rare visitor. N673-30 with CSX 482 on the point is seen dropping down Winchester Hill at Flanagan with VAPX mty heading for Corbin.

Enjoy, I did.............

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