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International Railroad Discussion > Cuban National 52501 - Havana - Nov 20th

Date: 12/03/06 20:32
Cuban National 52501 - Havana - Nov 20th
Author: Sparky

Here's a few of relatively brand new Chinese built Cuban National Railway 6-axle 52501 preparing to work at Havana Estacion Central on November 20th

Date: 12/03/06 20:34
Re: Cuban National 52501 - Havana - Nov 20th
Author: Sparky

And a few more

Date: 12/03/06 20:41
Re: Cuban National 52501 - Havana - Nov 20th
Author: lynnpowell

I find it kind of strange that the Chinese are exporting Chinese built motive power and at the same time they're importing US built motive power.

Date: 12/03/06 20:43
China-Cuba trade
Author: Sparky

UPDATED: 13:01, December 06, 2005
China exports 12 locomotives to Cuba

Twelve Chinese locomotives are currently on their way to Cuba, making China the first Asian country to export equipment of this kind to improve Cuba's rail service, the official daily Granma said on Monday.

The DF7G-C diesel-electric locomotives with 2,500 horse power were shipped Sunday from China's northeastern port of Tianjin, Granma said.

"The 12 locomotives bound for Cuba are the first that China has exported to Latin America and the Caribbean, making this trade operation another symbol of growing links between China and Cuba," Alberto Blanco, a Cuban diplomat in China, was quoted as saying.

China also sold Cuba 1,000 buses this year, 200 of which are already in use to ease the country's passenger and cargo transport strains.

China was Cuba's fourth largest trading partner in 2004, and became the second largest at the end of September 2005, according to the Cuban foreign trade ministry.

Trade volume between China and Cuba totaled 259 million US dollars in 2004. In the first nine months of this year, it had surpassed 550 million dollars.

Source: Xinhua

Date: 12/04/06 10:10
Re: Cuban National 52501 - Havana - Nov 20th
Author: eminence_grise

It is a Dong Feng 7, Dong Feng translates into "East Wind".
All road diesels have been titled "DF" for some time.

It appears identical to those used on China Rail.

The arrival of Chinese export locomotives in Cuba could spell the end
for the US built EMD G8's, and the MLW road diesels. Not to mention
the huge and not very reliable Russian 3000hp. road engines.

Cuba is a fascinating place for bus fans also. Sounds like the
"King Long" transit busses are going to replace the donated
French and Dutch city busses.

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