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Date: 11/06/18 00:32
What's this in Buenos Aires?
Author: Tominde

I saw this train outside the station in Buenos Aires.  Monday 5 Nov seemed to be some type of "official" function.  There appeeard to be a number of people gathered.  I saw the train make several moves foward and back abot 4-5 train lengths.  There were about 8 "coaches" in the train.

Pictures taken Sunday next to museum, but I was stopped very politely by an "official" who told me no photos, but invited me to return Monday.  I was unable to Monday but could see it from my hotel room.


Date: 11/06/18 01:36
Re: What's this in Buenos Aires?
Author: jmt

Wikipedia is a bit misleading, entry is headed CKD8, however the data is specific to the G and H subtypes in Argentina

CKD8A in Nigeria was a conventional hood design with an indigenous Chinese 12V240ZJD

CKD8B in Tanzania used an indigenous Chinese 12V240ZJD

CKD8C1 and CKD8C2 in the DRC are a totally different lightweight type with Cat 3500 series engines

CKD8E for Malaysia is different again (dog bone) with a Ruston 16RK215T

CKD8F for Angola is another dog bone with a Cat 3516B-4T


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