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Date: 12/03/18 00:11
Burger & Pub with a View (Japan)
Author: cchan006

For late breakfast (brunch), I ate at McDonald's with a view. I upgraded myself to a burger & pub restaurant for late lunch/early dinner, also with a view. I had planned a two meal day since later that night, I was hopping on a plane for the flight back to the U.S.

I had known about this location for about a year and a half, after reading about it on one of Japan's railfan magazines. "Burger & Pub Chou Chou Popon" is a steak and burger restaurant with a train theme, with operating N scale layouts (yes, plural) as part of the atmosphere. "Chou Chou Popon" is of course a word play on steam locomotive sounds, like our "choo choo." The pub restaurant is located on the 8th Floor with a great view of the JR main line below, right near Okachimachi. 

I was roaming around Tokyo in and outside the Yamanote Loop to document certain things, and when I was done, I headed toward Okachimachi. In the video, I document Yamanote Line's new E235 EMUs, which are replacing the older E231s steadily. First clip is a meet at Tokyo station, and the next clip is at Akihabara Station - Yamanote Line E231 going away, Ueno-Tokyo Line E231 approaching to the right, and E235 also approaching.

The third clip was taken while I stood up at my counter seat inside the Burger & Pub. E235 EMU 8 floors below, and N scale trains buzzing by near me. Photo policy is posted throughout the restaurant. Respect other patrons, and do not use flash.

They serve train-themed drinks, but since I was flying out that night, I chose non-alcoholic, an orange/mango juice mix called Doctor Yellow. For food, I ordered the hamburger steak (done Salisbury steak style) with side order of rice.

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Date: 12/03/18 00:23
Re: Burger & Pub with a View (Japan)
Author: cchan006

There's a live video feed of the JR main line in the deepest part of the restaurant for people who didn't get a window seat. Seems the area is also used for live events (note the microphone to the left), maybe live music? (first image) I may have to visit at night to see what the atmosphere is like. When I visited, most of the patrons were families with kids.

That's it for the report.

Date: 12/03/18 09:24
Re: Burger & Pub with a View (Japan)
Author: gaspeamtrak

Amazing !!! On my "Bucket List " ! 
Again, thank you for sharing !!! :):):)

Date: 12/03/18 15:10
Re: Burger & Pub with a View (Japan)
Author: SD80MACfan

Now I really want to go to Japan! That layout is really cool!

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