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Date: 03/23/19 22:09
NRE export fish-belly frames
Author: jmt

Over the years I have archived photos of NRE export locos

From photos E series units appear to all have parallel frames. GT22 and 26 clones have a similar frame

Commencing in 2011 NRE commenced building 8 "1100" Class for Australia. At the same time a single prototype with a South African supplied cab was built for RRL Locomotives, subsequently a further 3 "1100" were built, but order cancelled, numbered 1109/1110/1111. These locos all have a unique "fish belly" frame.
This frame was licensed to RRL Locomotive (company subsequently sold to Grindrod) with the first (5?) frames fabricated at Mount Vernon, with subsequent frames fabricated in South Africa. Frames numbered RRL/Grindrod 0025 to 0093.

NRE are now assembling 8 "GT22LCU-3" clones for Watco Australia, From NRE drawings these appear to have the fish belly frame
Shipment of these locos will possibly be Q3 2019
Would appreciate someone posting a heads-up when they are dispatched

1.   1101 early December 2011 http://wagonfreak.blogspot.com/2011/
2.   Plate from Qube 1102
3.   CC1202 (The RRL prototype) Settegast Yard wye for the Port of Houston 17/02/2013, Roberto Alaniz, rrpicturearchives.net

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Date: 03/23/19 22:32
Re: NRE export fish-belly frames
Author: jmt

Does anyone have evidence of other units built by NRE with a similar frame?

1.   Example of South African fabricated frame
2.   CC 1202 with CFCO in the Republic of the Congo 2014
3.   Snagit grab of 1111 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzQ71e3xBjo

Date: 03/24/19 03:04
Re: NRE export fish-belly frames
Author: jmt

RRL Locomotives Pty Ltd (a privately held limited liability company) morphed out of the failed Electro-Motive Sibanye, a JV between EMD and a local black empowerment vehicle, Sibanye Trade and Services.
A tendering process in 2006 and 2007 had selected Electro-Motive Sibanye, as preferred bidder to supply 212 locomotives for Transnet Freight Rail. Sibanye was a South African Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) company, dealing with locomotives and spare parts. However, this agreement was cancelled amid reports and then confirmation of tender irregularities.
A whistle blower leaked details of the tendering process to the white owned SA press, the board of Sibanye Trade and Services was nicknamed "Teds Sewing Circle", due to the number of Ministers, and senior Transnet's managers wives who were members.

RRL Locomotives was spun out of Sibanye Trade and Services, with Ted Zulu as Managing Director (holding 65% equity). The Company was subsequently sold to Grindrod Limited, a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed shipping and banking entity. A classic case of accountants and sailors being unable to manage a locomotive builder, it was liquidated in late 2017 with accumulated losses of over $US105 million. In the period 2011-2015 there was a close relationship between the company and NRE. NRE supplied the kits (as consignment stock) to build GT26C clones, as well as licensing intellectual property (frames). RRL/Grindrod built a total of 102 mainline locos in total, as well as around 25 critters. During the period of operation they rebuilt around 80 locos, and owned a hire fleet of over 100 units. A number of the new build units carried NRE builders plates.

African Minerals Limited in Sierra Leone used 4 NRE Croatia supplied GT26CU-3 clones, plus 16 RRL RL30SCC-2, and 14 RL30SCC-3.
Photos here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1107338435963989/photos/

1.   Phase 2 production Pretoria Q1 2012
2.   Phase 3 Gweru Station on hire to NRZ 03/05/2018, Sifu Bongz, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oiw1-vkzadk
3.   4 units were built (7FDL-12 with AR10) for FDP Colombia in 2014

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