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Date: 03/24/19 22:04
big trucks in China
Author: ts1457

A bit off topic, but it does involve transportation and a mode (trucking) that is at times competitive with rail.

I was trying to find what the standard semi-trailer dry van size is in China and came across this article about huge car transporters.  Take a look at the one pictured in the article:


Thankfully the monster car transporters were being banned at the time of the story (2017).

The article made me think of the ridiculous made up click-bail stories with doctored photos on the internet, but this one looks like it was real.

Date: 03/25/19 08:01
Re: big trucks in China
Author: Duna

Thanks for the post. I had no idea such wide trucks existed....learn something every day!

Date: 03/27/19 12:34
Re: big trucks in China
Author: DavidP

They’re real...very common on the highway between Shanghai and Hongzhou.


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