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Date: 05/13/19 18:55
EMUs in San Bernardo Chile
Author: erielackawanna

Was searching around Paine, Chile for the B-B trucked Sophia Loren that kept showing up in on-line pictures in Paine on a work train. Sadly there was nothing there, but fellow photographer, Doug Koontz and I took the chance for some grab shots (a little bit away in San Bernardo) of some EMUs. When planning a Chile trip I had assumed I'd come back with lots of EMU shots, but as it turned out, I really didn't get many.

Here are two X'Trapolis MU trains on the Tren Central line, one going to Nos and one heading back to Santiago.

Last image is of a CAF UTS-444, I believe on the Chillan train (although I don't know why it doesn't say TerraSur on the train, but rather Tren Central).


Date: 05/13/19 19:01
Re: EMUs in San Bernardo Chile
Author: erielackawanna

My understanding is the X'Trapolis trains are the equivalent of NJ Transit or Metro North MUs, while the UTS-444 is essentially the Chilean Amtrak equipment.

Date: 05/14/19 16:24
Re: EMUs in San Bernardo Chile
Author: dwatry

That track looks much better than when I was there in 1986!

Date: 05/16/19 09:56
Re: EMUs in San Bernardo Chile
Author: 86235

When I was there in October 1994 the commuter service from Alameda to Rancagua had been going for about 18 months IIRC. Services were provided by Japanese built AEL EMUs of which EFE had five IIRC. By 1998 the ex-RENFE UT440s had started to replace the AELs and in 2004 on my next visit almost everything had been replaced, the track and signalling upgraded.

The AEL is south of Buin whilst the E30 loco is on a long distance local to Concepcion, leaving San Bernardo

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