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Date: 05/28/19 20:32
An Alco in Talca Chile
Author: erielackawanna

Arrived at first light at the station in Talca Chile to ride a passenger train and the first thing I see is an Alco sitting under the train shed. The guards weren't letting anyone one the platform yet, so I used my lack of Spanish to my advantage (you have to access the platform to get to the bathroom and I pointed that way). Of course, I was still on the wrong side of the light. When my friend crossed the tracks for the good light, I followed and got some decent shots. Of course he got away with it and I got told off, but I was told off in Spanish, so I really am not quite sure what was said. 

As it turned out this was the same unit I had shot in Santiago a few days earlier, but getting it under the train shed in Talca was a total coup!!!


Date: 05/28/19 20:33
Re: An Alco in Talca Chile
Author: erielackawanna

One more just before I got told off. Normally I hate being told off, but this was worth it (and like I said, I honestly have no idea what the guard actually said to me).


Date: 05/29/19 10:16
Re: An Alco in Talca Chile
Author: dlh

I've really enjoyed your Chile postings. Love Alcos and that one under the train shed must have sounded especially good as the sound reverbereated off the walls.

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