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Date: 06/23/19 07:04
Track identification question
Author: mile250

Can anyone tell me where this is? It's a track structure, probably a test installation in Japan or China, that's midway between conventional ties or "ladder track" and slab track.

Date: 06/23/19 08:13
Re: Track identification question
Author: CPRR

Don't know but very impressed by the construction 

Date: 06/23/19 14:19
Re: Track identification question
Author: lynnpowell

I don't know either, but to me, it appears to be either "meter gauge" or "cape gauge" (42-in).

Date: 06/23/19 15:27
Re: Track identification question
Author: pedrop

It can be a test track, because the other one at right is built in the normal  type..

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG
Minas Gerais Railways

Date: 06/24/19 03:43
Re: Track identification question
Author: Hartington

A giggle imiage search brings up this https://docplayer.biz.tr/68931999-Guz-2017-insaat-muhendisligi-bolumu-toprak-isleri-ve-demiryolu-muhendisligi.html which I think is in Turkish. Don't scroll the whole page. Scroll the centre section headed GUZ 2017 to page 65 and you'll find the same image where is it called "Frame Track". Part of the image also appears here http://www.yes24.com/Product/goods/3446617?pid=150931 on what I think is a Korean page advertising a book. Searching for "frame track" or "frame track superstructure" doesn't seem to bring up anything helpful.

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