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Date: 06/29/19 11:52
Indian Rys deal with GE
Author: lynnpowell

What ever became of the Indian Rys contract with GE for 1000 new diesel locomotives?  After the contract was inked, the management of Indian Rys changed, with the new management saying "no more new diesels".  Have IR and GE settled the dispute?  Is GE going to provide them with electric locomotives instead of diesels?

Date: 06/29/19 12:33
Re: Indian Rys deal with GE
Author: Lackawanna484

This December 2018 article describes the import of 50 GE locomotives into India from the US. As part of a larger order.  Along with US built Chinook helicopters.

Other sources say that Mr Modi intends to electrify all Indian railways, so diesel locomotives will be obsolete.  The Indian government is pushing ahead with solar, hydro, coal, and a massive electric grid hardening.


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Date: 06/29/19 14:31
Re: Indian Rys deal with GE
Author: 86235

If you go to You Tube and put in a search for WDG 4G Indian Railways you can see one of the new locos at work. It's no looker I'm afraid to say.

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