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International Railroad Discussion > Future passenger train to Cancun, Mexico?

Date: 07/15/19 18:56
Future passenger train to Cancun, Mexico?
Author: casco17

The 7/15/19 Bloomberg Business Week magazine has an article about a potential rail line to be constructed between Escarcega and Cancun. A connecting line between Izamal and Tulum is also part of the plan. The agency overseeing the project is Fortunator, and they will be seeking private investors to finance the project.  If built, it would run through remote protected areas.  The project is important to the current president of Mexico.

The article also noted that another line, already under construction between Mexico City and Toluca, has had cost growth and delays in acquiring the right of way.

Date: 07/17/19 20:58
Re: Future passenger train to Cancun, Mexico?
Author: jeffgeldner

Thank you for posting this.

It will be interesting to see what ultimately happens (hopefully not rails to nowhere as with the California high speed rail project). The Mexican president is backing the project but there is a group in opposition to the current route due to the environmental impact "salvalaselva" save the jungle is the name of this group.

Back in the day, one could ride a narrow gauge train from the port of Progreso to Merida and then transfer to El Meridano, featuring a dining car and sleepers, to continue to Mexico City. Several narrow gauge Baldwins built for the United Railways of Yucatan (later merged into the United Railways of the Southeast) were restored to operation in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Jeff Geldner
Sequoia National Park, CA

Date: 07/17/19 21:44
Re: Future passenger train to Cancun, Mexico?
Author: MojaveBill

 "Rails to nowwhere," was "freeways to nowhere" back when the freeways were being built in pieces... Be patient.

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 07/18/19 21:10
Re: Future passenger train to Cancun, Mexico?
Author: mundo

From info received from the folks at MEX LIST,  The Cancon service will be via a new line from Tulum, in place of the orgional plan from Valladolid.


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