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Date: 09/27/19 03:29
Soyuz MS-15 Mission
Author: Ray_Murphy

Date: 09/27/19 14:42
Re: Soyuz MS-15 Mission
Author: jst3751

There is at least one YouTube video of the whole process of the "train" spotting the car at the launch pad and it then being lifted up.

Date: 09/28/19 11:50
Re: Soyuz MS-15 Mission
Author: PHall

There's also the videos of the Air Force SW8's moving the Titan rockets at Cape Canaveral too.

Date: 09/29/19 17:17
Re: Soyuz MS-15 Mission
Author: Nomad

Ray_Murphy Wrote:
> Picture #2 shows the rail part of the journey:
> https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2019/09/soyuz-ms
> -15-launch-seen-above-and-below/598903/

Spaceflightnow.com always has many pictures of the rail journey.  Spacecraft on rocket on flatcar - next level intermodal stuff.

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