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International Railroad Discussion > Planning to video FCCA Peru operations - any tips?

Date: 10/20/19 13:35
Planning to video FCCA Peru operations - any tips?
Author: inCHI

I've asked a few Ferrocarril Central Andino questions before and appreciate the help I've gotten so far. I'm headed to Peru for vacation next week and have 3-4 days where I can be partially focused on railfanning between Chosica and La Oroya (and the branch that heads north out of La Oroya.) My goal is to capture high quality video of the operations on the mountain grades. An aspect of that is that I really want to get some good sound, as I love the sound of Dash-7 GE's and they are hardly anywhere to be found in the US, much less on 4%+ grades. So, as I have scouted locations I've looked at where I can access the railroad that isn't next to the main road (22) so that I can get the train noise, not the road noise.

On two nights, I'll be staying at lodging that is across the mountain valley from a switchback. That switchback is northeast of a siding that I haven't figured out the name of it, but it is just northeast of Surco. That siding has a tunnel at the northern end that leads to a switchback and then a horseshoe curve. From my lodging I'll be able to see the switchback portion (not the siding) but that will at least give me some chance to notice a train and see if I can follow it. Something I noticed about that yard/passing siding is that in current satellite imagery has three tracks and one spur, but in my recent video footage there is now a spur on the river side of the tracks that has a protective maintenance shelter, possibly for power to layover there?

A youtuber who does regular videos told me that I could expect 5 trains in daylight, 3 at night, which sounds hopeful. Videos from Lima show significantly longer trains of 60 cars, often with multiple units - are trains combined together at Chosica, since it is west of all of the length-constricting switchbacks?

Anyway, if there any other general tips or suggestions about viewing FCCA, I'd love to hear them. I'll be posting what I capture here once I get back.

Date: 10/21/19 14:09
Re: Planning to video FCCA Peru operations - any tips?
Author: 86235

No tips I'm afraid, my one and only visit to Peru was in 1984, mostly Alcos back then, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you shoot. Good luck.

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