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International Railroad Discussion > A locomotive consist only possible in Peru

Date: 10/23/19 05:43
A locomotive consist only possible in Peru
Author: inCHI

I just saw a video of a pretty odd consist on FCCA in Peru - two GT26CW-2's and an SD40-2. GT26CW-2's are essentially an export SD40-2 (someone could correct me on the accuracy of that.) Peru is the only place where you could find them in a lashup together, both the domestic (US) and export model. I wonder if they were all made at La Grange. Also of note - the Diesel Shop's roster of FCCA power only has one GT26CW-2 in service, but at least two - 701 and 705 - are. Seems like traffic must be good, as from video watching it seems like only more of the roster is in service, unless some GE's are in retirement. Even one Also DL532B seems to still be active. Also, some footage in Callao shows welded rail, fencing, and trim ballast, show that some major trackwork has been done.

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