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Date: 11/30/19 11:11
Live railcams in Japan
Author: 251F

On a recent trip to Japan, I was told of these 2 live railcams.  Evidently more may be coming.  From what I've seen, the cameras are in operation 24/7.

Use the usual prefix for YouTube then copy/paste this: watch?v=2-b2SGMj0Es
This camera is located just south of Mukomachi Station (向日町駅) on the JR (West) Kyoto Line (Tokaido Main Line).  Mukomachi Station is 6.4km "railway" west (actually southwest) of Kyoto Station and 36.4km east of Osaka Station (the original downtown Osaka Station, not Shin-Osaka Station).

The coach yard in the background, Kyoto Sōgō Untensho, is the eastern terminal for passenger equipment of JR West Railway.  The Shinkansen Line is about 400m east of this location, so no Bullet Trains visible.

The line is quite busy with both local and long distance JR West passenger trains.  JR Freight trains also run on this line.  Keep in mind the traffic slows significantly after midnight since the system goes into sleep mode and the MOW crews go to work.  By 5:30 the next morning, the line wakes up to regular passenger traffic.  JR Freight trains run pretty much throughout the night.

The other camera is on the JR Kagoshima Main Line in South Fukuoka.  I've never been to Kyushu so I'm not familiar with just where this camera is located.
Use the usual prefix for YouTube then copy/paste this: watch?v=eo113GE1ekA

There is another live railcam (although not working so consistently) not associated with the above cameras located at Akabane Station on the JR East Railway in Kita-Tokyo (northeast of Tokyo Station).  Tohoku Shinkansen trains are visible on the elevated line in the background when the camera is online.  Viewing it now, the feed is from yesterday afternoon.
Use the usual prefix for YouTube then copy/paste this: watch?v=H1-3KldhtZY


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