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Date: 12/22/19 04:42
Some Downunder Images
Author: AussieGWAdriver

Hi all,

A few shots over the last couple of months from. All taken in South Australia unless noted.

1. Waiting on the crossing loop, GWA locomotives CLP17 and G533 are at the head of ARTC ballast train 2M75S as they wait to run around the train to start ballasting, 11/4/19.

2. Still waiting at Wolseley, Journey Beyond Rail's The Overland, 2AM8 passes through with Great Southern liveried NR31 up front.

3. Another ARTC ballast train, 2M75S again with CLP17 and G533 awaits a path at Keith on 11/6/19.

Date: 12/22/19 04:54
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: pedrop

Great models!

Posted from Android

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG
Minas Gerais Railways

Date: 12/22/19 04:55
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: AussieGWAdriver

Next lot.

1. Intermodal service 7AD1 from Adelaide to Darwin awaits departure from Alice Springs yard in the Northern Territory with GWB102, ALF22 and FQ04 on 11/10/19.

2. Arriving at Rocky River for a crew change is intermodal service 4DA2 with 1967 built A16C, GM43 leading 2207, GWA010 and ALF20 on 11/21/19.

3. Awaiting to depart Dry Creek North yard is 3AQ7 empty grain train bound for Moree in NSW with GWU008, GWU003 and GWA007 on 11/26/19. The train will load at Gladstone enroute.

Date: 12/22/19 04:59
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: AussieGWAdriver

Next lot.

1. Awaiting departure from Tintinara is loaded ARTC ballast train 2M75S with CLP17 and ALF24 on 11/27/19. They will discharge ballast in the next section.

2. Having completed unloading ballast, CLP17 and ALF24 have cut off from the train and are awaiting to run around while Pacific National service, 1PM6 with NR14 and NR113 passes through, 11/27/19.

3. The now empty ballast train, 2M74S with ALF24 and CLP17 waits outside Mt. Lofty yard for track machines to clear in from the section ahead, 11/27/19.

Date: 12/22/19 05:03
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: AussieGWAdriver

Next lot.

1. Empty Tailem Bend bound grain train 1281S, approaches Callington hauled by CLP17, G533, ALF22 and GWA005 on 12/4/19. The Kanmantoo copper mine is in the background.

2. The same combo but on the following day passes through Murray Bridge on 12/5/19.

3. Passing through Callington is Pacific National service 2PM6 with NR12 and NR96 on 12/5/19.

Date: 12/22/19 05:06
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: AussieGWAdriver

Last lot.

1. Journey Beyond Rail's inaugural Great Southern passenger train from Adelaide to Brisbane, 6AT8 passes through Balhannah with NR30 and NR31 on 12/6/19.

2. Rolling down the 2.2% grade into Balhannah is 7MP5 with NR80, NR59 and G530 on a smoke hazy 12/22/19.


Date: 12/22/19 05:14
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: MitchGDRMCo

If you don't mind a possible repeat question, how are the GWBs performing?

Date: 12/22/19 05:22
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: exhaustED

Really nice shots and great variety of trains and landscapes, thanks for sharing.

Date: 12/22/19 05:45
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: gcm

Fantastic collection of images.
Very interesting.

Date: 12/22/19 08:38
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: mile250

The landscape in image #2 of the second lot looks like it could be a few miles from my home in San Luis Obispo, California, in the summer or fall. I often think that about Australian scenes with eucalyptus trees, but this one is a match for the "oak grassland" of our "North County."

Date: 12/22/19 08:39
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: tomstp

What do the initials in the number boards mean.?  I notice even the same type engine and paint scheme will have different letters.

Date: 12/23/19 17:26
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: aussiehinz

Beautiful Images.  Kind thanks for sharing them.

Date: 01/11/20 06:46
Re: Some Downunder Images
Author: AussieGWAdriver

Thanks again everyone for the kind comments.

No photos from this year so far to post.

As for the letters in the number boards, that is the class of locomotive for the different operators. Different rail companies all might have the same model type of locomotive but they will give it a class to distinguish it from others. Some locomotives use just numbers for the class.

As for the GWB's, they were going alright but all three returned to Progress Rail in Pt. Augusta for repairs and modifications in late November.


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