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Date: 03/13/20 17:52
EFA Caboose in 1999 (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

Hi, for those who likes caboose, here is an EFA caboose in a picture taken in January 5, 1999. EFA (Estrada de Ferro Amapá) is the only standard gauge railroad in Brazil. It is a mining railroad in Amapá state. It has about 200 km long and run almost all time in the forest. I was there in 1999 for a short visit since the news said the railroad was in the last operation days.In fact, from 1999 to 2015 the railroad changed operation owners three times. The last one was an european group that closed the mining operation and scaped from Brazil without paying the employees and the custumers after a accident that killed some employees in the company port. In 2019 another european company got the rights to operate it again. I have no updated news at this time about the railroad, but I am trying to get more news to add in the article I am preparing to add in TO. I took  pics and did a travel history in 1999. Unfortunately I had not movie recorder at that time. That was a kind of trip we do just one time in life. For me, it was unforgettable. I would like to edit my trip story as a book, but it is difficult these days, specially in Brazil where to print a book is ver expensive. Without patronage it is impossible.



Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG
Minas Gerais Railways

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Date: 03/13/20 20:52
Re: EFA Caboose in 1999 (Brazil)
Author: boejoe

Thanks Pedro.

Date: 03/13/20 22:07
Re: EFA Caboose in 1999 (Brazil)
Author: lynnpowell

I did some web surfing for the Estrada de Ferro Amapá.  I found information and photos on several websites. The 194-km isolated railroad was built by the consortium of ICOMI (Brazil) and Bethlehem Steel (USA) between 1954 and 1956.  The railroad was built to haul manganese ore from the mining area in Serra de Navic to the Port of Santana at Amapa.  The railroad also hauled general freight and passengers.  All locomotives and rolling stock came from the USA.  The original locomotives were four SW1200s.  Per photos I found, locomotives added later were an SW1500, SD38(?), and U33C(?) types.  Ore cars were of the type seen on the Minnesota iron ore railroads.  Other freight cars of several types appeared to be second-hand equipment from US roads.  The passenger cars were second-hand heavy weights.  It is a very interesting looking operation that a new owner was/is bringing back into operation in 2019.  It said that they had ordered new ore cars from a Brazilian manufacturer. 

Date: 03/15/20 10:07
Re: EFA Caboose in 1999 (Brazil)
Author: CM80-46

Thank you for the caboose picture. A lost part of railroading. Paint scheme similar to Kansas City Southern.

Date: 03/15/20 11:21
Re: EFA Caboose in 1999 (Brazil)
Author: tomstp

I would call that a clear vision caboose.

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