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Date: 04/12/20 10:27
Pedro is OK
Author: SvenMolson

Just got an email from Rezende.  He's doing good.  He is more worried about us.

Quarantined in a cabin high above the Arctic Circle 

Date: 04/12/20 10:31
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: goneon66



Date: 04/12/20 11:10
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: nm2320

Whew!  Clapping hands!!!

Date: 04/12/20 11:58
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: Rmosele

That's great news!

Date: 04/12/20 15:18
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: pedrop

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all for the concern on me. I really forgot to take a look on TO in the last few days. The pandemic is not so critical here for now, but with the lockdown in most of the cities life is getting hard to everyone here. I imagine that in US is worse. My sister lives in Rhode Island and I am worried on her too, since she and her husband are over 60.The schools are closed, but the classes come by cell phone each day. So I need to help my two nieces to study at home for at least four hours a day. Too many thing to study with them.
The virus not reached my area for now. Cientists says the virus suffered a mutation here and is a bit different from the one in US and China. Maybe the hot weather did the mutation. Nobody knows. We can not believe in the news here nowadays, since most of them preffer to use the caos speech of the governators that are inflating the numbers by adding any case of death to Covid19. The reason is to force government to give more money to be wasted in overpricing projects to control the virus. Too many companies dismissing employees, so a big recession is coming soon. For while, the railroads are working normally. Ore and grain markets are not affected for while. Most grains and ore here goes to China as you may know. I have seen some trains when I go to the market in downtown. Soon I can post something in TO.
God bless everyone.

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Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG
Minas Gerais Railways

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Date: 04/12/20 20:34
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: tomstp

Good to hear from you.

Date: 04/12/20 21:40
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: RailFanAZ

Glad to hear you are okay Pedro and also Thank you for replying on my site as well.  :)

Christi Rossi
RailFanning UP & BNSF, AZ

Date: 04/13/20 07:26
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: boejoe

Thanks for the update, Pedro.  Stay well.

Date: 04/13/20 08:04
Re: Pedro is OK
Author: espee99

Fantastic news Pedro, say safe.

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