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Date: 05/07/20 12:46
Chinese Bridge Building
Author: millerdc

Do not know what line this is, but very impressive techology.

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Date: 05/07/20 16:51
Re: Chinese Bridge Building
Author: symph1

Wow, that really is impressive.
How much do you think it's sped up? 2x? 3x? So that whole thing we saw took ??15 minutes?? Incredible.

Date: 05/08/20 10:53
Re: Chinese Bridge Building
Author: SP4360

Beats the hell out of the lost form pour in place method for straight bridges. 

Date: 05/08/20 17:49
Re: Chinese Bridge Building
Author: DavidP

Not sure the location, but I saw similar HSR lines under construction in September 2019 northeast of Beijing, and in Zhangjiajie.  Elevated lines seem to be quite common in China.


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