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Date: 07/31/20 02:49
Map Series - Australia
Author: andersonb109

I'll start with Australia.  First a word about the maps. The blue pins indicate where I either entrained or detrained. The red lines are the routes. And as you can see, pin collecting of the various trains or lines is part of the hobby.  I've been to Australia three times. Apologies for repeating from a previous post,  but it was all as a result of a random meeting with a wonderful woman Mercedes Clark that I was seated with in the diner on the Canadian in 1985. It took until 1990 to get up the nerve and financial means to fly all that way over the Pacific Ocean. The company I worked for also had an office in Melbourne staffed with some American's from the Detroit.  Once there I rode almost every available long distance passenger train they had. And lots of trams in Melbourne.  It was like going back in time to the 1950's as air travel was still not deregulated and very expensive for the average Aussie.  I did a subsequent visit five years later that time on an IRT tour which including riding several preserved lines and steam charters.  The last time I saw Mercedes and her two room mates was in 2000 just prior to the Sydney Olympics. I was in SA for a steam charter and decided to fly around the world as it wasn't that much farther to fly east. And time was running out to be able to see them again.  Sadly she and her friends have all died, the last being about 8 years ago. But if not for that chance dining car  meeting (millennials take note) and invitation, I might have never gotten to that far off part of the world. Or created this map.

Total Australian mileage is 14,432 covering all states except Tasmania. I have ridden the coast to coast Indian Pacific, The Ghan, Overland, Sydney Express, Queenslander and Westlander (incluiding lenghty cab ride) as well as many local trains. 

Date: 07/31/20 10:57
Re: Map Series - Australia
Author: krm152

Always wan ted to go threre but never made it.
All of my international travel was on business; just couldn't justify one here.
Think its really great you documented your travels so well.
So many people have a ton of trips and photos but can't put anything together.
Thanks for posting your great map record.

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