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International Railroad Discussion > Oh my God!!! (Mozambique)

Date: 10/23/20 10:07
Oh my God!!! (Mozambique)
Author: pedrop

Hi  I received this video  from a friend. It is a Vale mining coal train of Nacala system in Mozambique. I really imagined the woman could not scape. 

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

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Date: 10/23/20 10:21
Re: Oh my God!!! (Mozambique)
Author: dwb909

Reminds me of stories my grandfather told me when he flew the Hump in China during WWII and the locals would run across the runway in front of them when they were taking off as they thought it would take evil spirits away. He said sometimes they didn't make it and they would see the aftermath when they landed spread across the fuselage.

Date: 10/23/20 17:11
Re: Oh my God!!! (Mozambique)
Author: Ritzville

Now that was so CLOSE!!


Date: 10/23/20 17:17
Re: Oh my God!!! (Mozambique)
Author: goneon66

any closer and "Christmas would not have come".........................


Date: 10/26/20 04:08
Re: Oh my God!!! (Mozambique)
Author: 86235

That was a brown corduroy trouser moment.

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