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Date: 10/25/20 18:30
Vietnam's Reunification Express
Author: Memma

Hi All

I've just finished and published an article about our trip on Vietnam's Reunification Express from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.
If anyone is interested it's posted here: https://trainreview.com/article/a-train-journey-unifying-a-nation-riding-vietnams-reunification-express

I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Date: 10/25/20 21:18
Re: Vietnam's Reunification Express
Author: norm1153

Thank you for the link.  It was very interesting!  I especially appreciated your linking of various locations to historical events.

Date: 10/26/20 09:30
Re: Vietnam's Reunification Express
Author: Lurch_in_ABQ

Date: 10/26/20 10:09
Re: Vietnam's Reunification Express
Author: UP3806

Thank you for a very interesting look at a remarkable region. Things have certainly improved since the time that I spent in the Na Trang area 50 yeras ago. It is indeed a beautiful country.


Date: 11/10/20 08:28
Re: Vietnam's Reunification Express
Author: Soo715

Nice article. I was able to ride this in 1990, in the very early post-war days of Americans being allowed to do so. Only possible then because I was working for an international agency with programs in the country.The railroad has been really upgraded since those days, as I recall it took four full days for the trip in 1990. There was no a/c but the food wasn't bad! I've taken the trip a few times since and it is never boring, a beautiful route.

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