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Date: 11/09/20 21:13
Locomotive Adds
Author: Utahfannz

In regards to Pedro's Locomotive adds, have been colleting such for last 20 years from builders world wide.
three here,The GE universal units are for South American Systems, other two Brazil.

Date: 11/10/20 04:10
Re: Locomotive Adds
Author: pedrop

Very nice adds. These paitings are better than photography. They are masterpieces, for sure.
Thanks for sharing with us.


Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG
Minas Gerais Railways

Date: 11/10/20 05:53
Re: Locomotive Adds
Author: retcsxcfm

Not to be picky.
Ad,not add  is short for advertisement.

Uncle Joe

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Date: 11/10/20 11:07
Re: Locomotive Adds
Author: Utahfannz

Thanks. Uncle Joe. But down under but down under we say Adds as short for Advertisments, like color, we say colour.

Date: 11/15/20 07:02
Re: Locomotive Adds
Author: GN1969

Thank you for posting these GE and GM export ads. I too have followed these since my youth in Taiwan in the 1950s and 1960s. Saw the ads in Time and Newsweek magazines regularly. Would you happen to have any GM ads for Taiwan from the 1960s? 11 units delivered in 1960, 31 more in 1961 and 43 more in 1966. Much appreciated.

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