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International Railroad Discussion > Waiting for the passenger train in Chile

Date: 11/20/20 09:34
Waiting for the passenger train in Chile
Author: masterphots

In normal times, on most Saturdays there is a "Tren del Recuerdo" (train of memory) that runs from Santiago to the Port of San Antonio.   Always sold out,  it lays over for five hours so the passengers can have lunch, walk around town, or try their luck at the casino.  Depending on the availability of the EFE GE shovel-nose diesel or two of their French road switchers,  power can also be rented Fepasa or Transap power.  On February 2, 2020 I went out to my spot on an avocado farm at Puangue, Chile to await the train.  After awhile I started to wonder what might have happened as normally the train runs on time.  Surprisingly a Fepasa container train and then a Transap sulphuric acid train showed up,  both headed to the port.  Finally, a bit late and in higher sun,  the passenger train showed up, which I then chased.

1.   FCP SD39M-2 2358 heads the container train.  The loco was built by NRE Dixmoor from the hulk of SP GP35 7765/6662

2.   Transap SD50M 3502 heads the sulphuric acid train.  The unit was built in-house from a CNW/UP GP50, particular number unknown

3.   Transap SD39M-3 2302 and the Tren del Recuerdo.   Built by MPI in Mexico, it was originally Milwaukee/Soo  GP40-2  173/2046

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