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Date: 03/11/21 04:12
EFE Chile EMU action
Author: masterphots

Our magical mystery tour of the greater Laja/San Rosendo Metropolitan Area continues with views of EFE (Empresa Ferrocarriles de Estado) EMU operations around Laja/San Rosendo.   The latter burg is the location of the junction between the north-south mainline and the line west to Concepcion.  The two towns are separated by the wide Rio Bio Bio and until recently the railroad bridge had a one-lane road hanging off one side of the bridge.  This has been replaced by a modern highway bridge and the road on the side of the railroad bridge is now a bikeway/pedestrian walkway.  San Rosendo was also the location of a 20-stall roundhouse, coaling tower and steam backshops. 

The EMU operation operated from Concepcion/Talcahuano as far as Renaico until about 2011,  when the wire was removed beyond that point and the line today terminates in Laja.  Here are a few images of the operation when the older Italian and Japanese EMUs operated.  Today former RENFE Spanish EMUs are used,  soon to be replaced by new Alstom units.

1.  AEL 36 arriving San Rosendo.  After stopping, it will cross the river and continue to Renaico.  2/2/06   The AELs were built in Japan by Nissho-Iwai.   Note the Fepasa GE shovel nose in the yard.  All six were retired within months and today the yard itself is no longer used.

2.  Same train returning from Laja to San Rosendo.  2/2/06   The bridge is an example as to why the EMD units have nothing on the top of the unit.

3.  AEL 37 arriving Renaico 2/1/06

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Date: 03/11/21 04:17
Re: EFE Chile EMU action
Author: masterphots

4.  AEL 37 eastbound near Coigue, on the way to Renaico.  2/1/06

5.  Same unit westbound,  same location,  2/26/08.   Paint jobs changed quite regularly back then.

6.  AES 11 westbound arriving San Rosendo after crossing the river from Laja.  The train will continue on to Concepcion/Talcahuano.  2/15/12     The AES class were built in Italy by Fiat-Concord.   The old depot has been replaced by a modern concrete structure.  Much more accomodating but less character.  The old depot was still there in early 2020 when I last visited.

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Date: 03/11/21 04:21
Re: EFE Chile EMU action
Author: masterphots

7.  AEZ 42 leaving San Rosendo for Laja and beyond,  2/2/06,  The steam coaling tower is in the background.  The AEZ class were also products of Nissho-Iwai in Japan.

8.  Inspection car 399 at Laja.  2/15/12   This segment of the railroad still uses a British hoop token system to occupy a block;  hence the semaphore signal.

9.  Line car 927 at Laja  1/19/06


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Date: 03/11/21 10:34
Re: EFE Chile EMU action
Author: NMlurker

I love these exotic South American images (yours too, Pedro). I would not have guessed 2006 as the date for most of these.

Date: 03/11/21 12:43
Re: EFE Chile EMU action
Author: masterphots

Really hasn't changed today, other than newer EMUs.  I seldom bother to go over there as Fepasa no longer uses the yard and the few daily freight trains usually come through around midday,  with the sun straight up given it's summer.  It's a lot of driving for not much photo-wise and nothing new for me anyway.

Date: 03/12/21 00:40
Re: EFE Chile EMU action
Author: E25

Interesting series, Alan.  Some esoteric stuff there.

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

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