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Date: 03/24/22 07:01
Field of?
Author: mile250

When I first saw the thumbnail of this image on the Railway Gazette International web page, I wondered what crop was being grown in the foreground. Where I live it would likely be new bell peppers (yay) or broccoli (uhm).
Nope, it's concrete ties with nice green clips.

Date: 03/24/22 07:23
Re: Field of?
Author: jtwlunch

I don't know where this is other than a place with low cost labor.  If this was on a Class 1 the company Industrial Engineer would wet his pants running to the bosses to say how inefficient and costly this is.  Great photograph!

Date: 03/25/22 08:03
Re: Field of?
Author: n6slx

In theory, they could be turned on their sides and stacked. 
Only if the sides aren't drafted. But, I think they are.
Just thinking out loud...


Date: 03/25/22 09:24
Re: Field of?
Author: NDHolmes

Given the desert background and the green rail clips, my bet is on Etihad Rail.
Neat shot, though.

Date: 03/25/22 12:18
Re: Field of?
Author: mile250

Yes, Vossloh products most likely staged for the latest extension of Etihad Rail in the United Arab Emirates.

Date: 03/27/22 16:33
Re: Field of?
Author: jgilmore

Yeah these are the versions that take a few seasons to ripen before harvest...


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