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Date: 05/09/22 17:41
more Chinese not Jitong
Author: engine3420

First photo is of the Shibanxi narrow gauge...next two are at Tiefe

Date: 05/10/22 02:09
Re: more Chinese not Jitong
Author: E25

Thanks for these posts, Christopher.

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 05/20/22 11:48
Re: more Chinese not Jitong
Author: BM4266

The Shibanxi actually had a passenger car that would carry the pigs to market.  There was a gate that closed off one end of the car.  I've been on one of the trips that they carried a pig.  The passenger cars were nothing but a tin can with wood benches along the side.  The conductor would turn a hand brake under the seat to check train speed, if needed.  If you opened a "window", you slid down a metal panel and there was no glass in the window.  One of the neatest little trains to ride and photograph in the world.  Now they have nice modern wood panel passenger cars and have become mostly a tourist railroad.  One of the old passenger cars had a compartment under the bench seat for a casket!  

Date: 05/21/22 23:07
Riding one of those tin cans
Author: jbwest

I rode one of those tin cans before sunrise, and it was pitch black except for the many faces lit up by cell phone screens.  One of my more bizarre railfanning experiences.


Date: 06/05/22 10:56
Re: Riding one of those tin cans
Author: tracktime


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