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Date: 08/13/22 07:17
MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

MRS railroad operates the only remaining cog railroad for freight in Brazil. The famous railroad in Paranapiacaba hill was built by British company São Paulo Railway in 1867 using cable cars. Later, the system was changed to cog railway that still in operation. The old Japanese Hitachi locomotives were changed by modern Swiss made Stadler 5,000 KWH locomotives. The cog system has eight kilometers long and a grade up to 11% and is a connection between the Paranapiacaba yard to Santos port. 
There are many videos about this nice railroad in the internet. I chose this one made by MRS to link here. It is in portuguese, but you can have an idea of the railroad.
MRS cog railroad

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano MG,

Date: 08/13/22 07:26
Re: MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: bobwilcox

One of the most incredible railroad operations in the world 

Bob Wilcox
Charlottesville, VA
My Flickr Shots

Date: 08/13/22 09:40
Re: MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: King_Coal

That's truly something different. Thanks for sharing.

Date: 08/13/22 09:53
Re: MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: Jeff

A heavy haul cog railway! Jeff

Date: 08/13/22 17:50
Re: MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

This video is also interesting. It is from the time of the old Hitachi locomotives. You will see the normal train arriving at Paranapiacaba yard and than going down the hill in sections of 500 tons each to the city of Cubatao and Santos port.


Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano MG,

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Date: 08/13/22 20:39
Re: MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: E25

Date: 08/13/22 21:22
Re: MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: Ritzville

Very interesting railroad, also liked your post from 8/19/19.


Date: 08/14/22 18:42
Re: MRS cog railway (Brazil)
Author: march_hare

Wow. I had never heard of this operation. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 

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