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Date: 10/08/22 18:06
Magnesite freight C458 (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

Hi, yesterday morning I could watch the small Magnesite freight C458 arriving here in town after a long journey from Bahia state. The engineer was my friend Jonas.

1) The old U20C's are the only locomotives to run between Minas Gerais and Bahia states due to the bad track conditions and small radius curves;
2 - 3) The HFD class hoppers comes with magnesite and return with lime.

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

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Date: 10/08/22 18:08
Re: Magnesite freight C458 (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

4) The video. 
That's all for now.
Have a good day.


Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

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Date: 10/08/22 22:09
Re: Magnesite freight C458 (Brazil)
Author: Ritzville

Nice video with the older U-boats in the lead. Nice friendly toot-toot from your friend Pedro.


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