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Date: 05/12/23 18:14
Monorails in Japan (sequel)
Author: cchan006

This is a sequel to symph1's "Monorails in Japan" thread he posted more than a month ago:


His thread generated a healthy interest, so I dug into my photos from the past and found a few more shots.

Tama Monorail runs north/south in the western suburbs of Tokyo, connecting JR East's Chuo Line with other competing east/west railroads, namely those of Keio and Odakyu corporations. There are expansion plans for this monorail, and in fact, western expansion on the north end was approved recently, to alleviate road congestion in that area. When completed, that extension should connect to JR East's Hachiko Line at Hakonegasaki. 

- Westbound freight train and Tama Monorail at Tachikawa Station platform.
- Cleaner shot of Tama Monorail after the freight departed (shots taken in 2017)
- Video of the westbound tank train departing, but no monorail showed up - failed over/under.

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Date: 05/12/23 18:23
Re: Monorails in Japan (sequel)
Author: cchan006

The video is otherwise off topic, but there's an engineer waiting for a crew change, and a railfan running to the right to try to catch the tank train freight departing. It's possible the engineer was concerned with the safety of the running railfan, but he paid no attention to me, because I was behaving.

In 2004, I visited Kyushu to document the initial segment of the new Kyushu Shinkansen. I overnighted in Kokura, and took a photo of the Kokura (a.k.a. Kita-Kyushu) Monorail in the morning before continuing my journey to Yatsushiro (south of Kumamoto). The line runs south from the industrial city of Kokura and makes a connection to JR Kyushu's Hitahikosan Line at Kikugaoka.

Hint to monorail planners in the U.S.: connect to other modes of transportation. Yes, Las Vegas, construct the airport extension!

In the previous thread, Chiba Monorail was mentioned, but no photos. Here's a link with a photo of the Chiba Monorail, taken by DavidP in 2015:


- Kita-Kyushu Monorail in 2004.

That's it for the sequel.

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Date: 05/16/23 10:23
Re: Monorails in Japan (sequel)
Author: symph1

Congratulations on VOTD!

Date: 05/16/23 17:49
Re: Monorails in Japan (sequel)
Author: ProAmtrak

Cool video clip!

Date: 05/25/23 05:15
Re: Monorails in Japan (sequel)
Author: cchan006

This video is on topic. I was at JR East's Chiba Station and got some quick videos of Chiba Monorails in action. I got over/under with Sobu Line trains also.

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