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International Railroad Discussion > Grain and limestone in the same train (Brazil)

Date: 08/02/23 14:07
Grain and limestone in the same train (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

Yesterday afternoon I met two nice trains crossing here in the yard. MRS with  hoppers of slag and empty box cars for cement in bags stopped in the yard to wait VLI grain train arrive with many flat cars with containers loaded with limestone. A couple of Dash 9's working as yard switchers took a ride in the end of the train. They were used to remove the limestone consist from the load facility and couple it to the grain train. Then, they returned to the base here in town. The units belongs to Vale mining but the train and crew were from VLI.

1 - 2) The leading units at Km 629 approaching the spring key where the crew needed to change it manually since this train needed to enter in the yard by track #2. Normally all Eastbounds enter the yard by track #1, but MRS train was on track #1 yesterday;

3) VLI HFE class hopper.

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano MG,

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Date: 08/02/23 14:16
Re: Grain and limestone in the same train (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

4) Flat cars with containers of limestone;

5) The Winter sunlight lights up the Vale green units. These dash 9's were used to switch the train at ENG yard. Then, they took a ride to EVP where they were uncoupled from the train and parked on track #4;

6) The video.

That's all for today.


Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano MG,

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Date: 08/02/23 19:22
Re: Grain and limestone in the same train (Brazil)
Author: Ritzville

Nice combination train video Pedro.


Date: 08/07/23 08:25
Re: Grain and limestone in the same train (Brazil)
Author: rbenko

Great stuff Pedro!  Love those B-B narrow-guage trucks!!  

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